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    Best Suited to City Driving 'What Nonsense!'

    Hi all

    I have been wanting to replace my diesel car with a smaller hatchback which my wife would prefer to learn to drive in. We liked the look of and were intrigued by the Viva, especially the price and excellent specification, this even on the base model. I test drove a competitor the Seat Mii and was quite impressed save for the masses of uncovered metal and the cheap looking dashboard (even the wheel arches in the boot are left uncovered.)

    Our next visit was to our local Vauxhall dealership. When we saw the new Viva we were immediately impressed and after a long test drive were sold. We literally like everything about this vehicle and completely disagree with some journalist reports that it is best suited as a city car. We live in hilly Cornwall and found the performance excellent, it feels much quicker than the claimed performance figures easily reaching and maintaining the national speed limit on dual carriage roads, this even whilst progressing up steep gradients. The engine is a really sweet flexible unit and without the added stress of a turbo should (fingers crossed) prove reliable in the long term. The quality of the ride was also excellent in absorbing uneven road surfaces and providing an enjoyable spirited drive around country lanes.

    The only problem we can see will be supply, our dealership has now sold all of his supply of stock until October, he had 2 left for August delivery, an SE in Red and a SL in metallic. We were going to order and SL but having viewed the excellent standard specification of the SE we decided to save the extra 2000 it would have cost for the SL model with metallic paint. (we can live without air con as we find it is hardly ever used it on our current vehicle.) Literally having just made our decision the SL was sold over the telephone by the same sales person.

    We swore never to buy another Vauxhall after a disastrous experience with a new Vectra in 1998 but this fantastic little car has changed our mind, even the name takes us back to our youth.

    Our advice would be to test drive the new Viva before coming to a decision on another small vehicle.

    Bye for now.

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    nice write up silverfoxy and congrats on ordering, when will you be taking delivery of your new Viva?

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    I've had my viva for a month now and I love it :-)
    It's nippy agile and like you so got loads of poke on the motorway etc.
    I too said I would never buy a vauxhall again having had a 2.0 dti zamora that spend most of the 3 years I had it off the road but this has really changed my mind..

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