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    Question Clicking behind dash

    I have been getting a clicking noise behind the dash in the glove box area which started with an occasional single click and increased to 5 clicks in succession and eventual to continuous machine gun effect .
    along with this the temperature became stuck on cold.
    This turned out to be an aircon control motor which I assume was gradually stripping its teeth.
    Had the motor replaced this morning and now the noise has gone and I can control the temperature again.
    I don't know if this is a common fault but the dealer had it as a stock item and it took about an hour to fit.
    Apparently it becomes a much bigger job of the shaft which the motor turns is damaged.
    Just noticed today that my oil indicator has gone from 45 yesterday to 99 today?
    nothing was said at the dealership, I wonder if it was re set when they did the motor.
    Cant believe they did an oil change?
    (also noted that post is miss-spelled but it wont let me correct it!)
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